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Overview of the MedBank Process

(What to Expect)

The referral-application is the first step in the process of becoming enrolled and actually receiving prescription drug assistance through the MedBank.  We have attempted to make the process as easy as possible for our consumers while at the same time respecting participating physicians’ and pharmaceutical company partners’ need for proper documentation and administrative controls.  

What follows is an overview of the step-by-step process that begins once a consumer has been referred to the MedBank: 

Step 1:           
In a telephone interview, a MedBank volunteer will obtain all additional, required information from applicants.

Step 2:          
Applicants provide written proof of income and insurance to MedBank.

Step 3:           
A face-to-face interview is conducted to finalize the application and to obtain needed signatures on the documents that comprise the application.

Step 4:           
The completed application is submitted to the participating physician and then to the appropriate pharmaceutical company(s) for review and acceptance.

Step 5:           
If approved by the pharmaceutical company, a 90-day supply of the consumer’s medications is shipped to the physician’s office for dispensing to the consumer.*

Step 6:           
MedBank volunteers and staff keep track of and process refills for the consumer.

Step 7:           
At the beginning of each year, MedBank volunteers will contact consumers to update proof of income and insurance and household status.


*On average, it takes about 8 to 10 weeks from the telephone interview in Step 1 to begin receiving medications. 

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