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How to Refer to Lawson neel medbank

Referrals are very important to the work of Lawson Neel MedBank. It is through referrals that most consumers learn of our services, so we welcome and encourage referrals always.  On average, we receive about 35 referrals every month...and in some of our busiest months, we process as many as 70 referrals.

Although we provide a self-referral form on our website (see the 'Consumer/Client' section), the referral procedure for most of our clients starts with a phone call you make to your physician's office to learn if that doctor participates in our program (We're pleased to say that a large majority of Thomasville physicians do participate).  At your request, participating doctors will fill out a referral form for you and convey it to us.  Once we have that referral document in hand, we will contact the referred consumer by phone for an in-depth interview and information exchange. 

If you or someone you know needs our help, please call the physician's office today and request a referral.

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