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Volunteer Spotlight

As is true for most small-community non-profits, volunteers are the lifeblood of the Lawson Neel MedBank.  We simply could not perform this ministry without the generous donation of many neighbors’ and friends’ time and talents.  In a typical week, at least 10 volunteers are busy at work helping our consumers obtain the medicines they need to live. 

To list and describe all the ways in which volunteers serve the Medbank would be impossible in this small space, but the following examples will demonstrate just how much we rely on our volunteers week-in and week-out.  

MedBank volunteers conduct the initial telephone and face-to-face interviews through which consumers are qualified and enrolled for assistance.  And, our volunteers create and courier consumers’ applications between the MedBank and physicians’ offices, and eventually transmit them to the pharmaceutical companies.  Each year we are required to update of our entire existing, active caseload’s proof of income, and this huge undertaking is made possible through our volunteers.

Volunteers In Action… Click on the following link to see photos of our volunteers at work.
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Volunteer Testimonials… Click on the following link to see what our volunteers have to say about what it means to them to give their time and talents to the Lawson Neel MedBank.
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